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Strong in negotiation and a total insurance stable firm, ANGLO’s insurance claims regularly earn all their compensations. With our excellent negotiator team to process your refund claim or litigation in a matter of a few weeks.

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We ensure the best insurance services for our clients

Innovation power, unrivalled expertise in all aspects of risk and a sound financial footing: These are the strengths ANGLO stands for when customers face extraordinary risks.

  • Quick Refund Process.
  • 24/7 Fast Support.
  • Trusted Company.
  • Professional Insurance Services.
We Have Your Back 100%

Anglo Has What You Need

A whole diversity of products and solutions for todays modern technology that will protect, save and claim at the same time..

Seal Agreement

As soon as the negotiation team handles your portfolio, We can and notarized your agreement.

Fast Messaging

At any time just chat or message us, we will be in touch in less than 24 hours

Powerful Negotiators

Our dedicated negotiation team is here with the best technology to gain access to your file.

Money Saver

The best rate is stablish to save you not only time but also your money.

Digital Accounts

Your digital account is merge with your personal account to have a clear transfer.

Refund Access

Our procedure give you complete access to your refund instantly is approved.

Quick Process

Your refund claim will be expected within a few weeks since you started your case.

Storage Vault

State of the art secure vault to make sure your refund is safe and at your disposition.

Meet the team

Team Behind Anglo

The team of licensed agents at Anglo International LTD works with the courts and eligible clients, taking the time to understand their individual situation, assisting them in navigating the transition onto getting their claim, and identifying any additional coverage needed to meet their refund process

Robert Statham


Kevin Smith


Reena Scot

Lead Designer

Debra Taylor

Project Manager


User Feedback

My releasing official got my money back in less than 7 days, I’m very happy with Anglo International. I very glad I was able to keep going with my financial life, that was ruin by the binary agents that mistreated me.

John Albert

(Mishandled Investor)

We have a great confidence in Anglo LTD as they help us get all the funds we thought was lost, all the funds they took from my credit card and all the accumulate interest we gain and they refuse to grant.

Jason & Karen Wright

(Market Investors)

I thought I lost my money that I have put up for investment, my broker was no were to be found and anglo international and my officer got me all I invested in a flash. Thank you so much you guys.

John Steiner

(Forex Trader)

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Partner with Bank of Malt to secured your refund safely in a vault before coming to your account. Start Your Process & Get All of Your Money Back Now!!!

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