Most Commonly Asked Questions About Us.

How about my contact information?

To the extent permitted, we reserve the right to process personal information in the course of providing professional services to our clients without the knowledge of individuals involved. Generally, ANGLO INTERNATIONAL LTD uses personal information in the following ways:

Additional information?

If you use your site for commercial purposes and you engage in more complex collection or processing of personal data, you should note the following information in your privacy policy in addition to the information we have already discussed.

How we protect your data?

well protected and save for the long is the case only, after that is not in our servers.

Our unique partnert Bank of Matl is a digital merchant account holder for our clients.

Typically the process can take from 10 to 15 working days.

The team of licensed agents at Anglo International LTD works with the courts and eligible clients, taking the time to understand their individual situation, assisting them in navigating the transition onto getting their claim, and identifying any additional coverage needed to meet their financial in the refund process. Our license number is 02996985.

We will guide you and help you through the long, complex application process. We complete applications, analyze your refund records, meet deadlines, schedule hearings, and interact regularly with the opposing platform Administration – so that you don’t have to.

We have no rights to your data and you made request at any time to delete or forward your data.

Your data is with us until your case is close.

Our highly trained claims team consistently identifies appropriate settlement candidates and completes comprehensive file reviews on every candidate to ensure only viable claims are offered settlement opportunities.

We listen. We take the time to fully understand your unique situation and the condition your claim and reimbursement, so that we can effectively advocate on your behalf. Our extensive experience enables us to build the strongest case possible.

Only store in our server, none what’s so ever is share.